Saturday, 20 July 2013


iPhone photo... again!!
Yup! I finally got some photos off my iPhone.

Sherpa and I occasionally meet here for a romantic lunch in the middle of our busy day.
Loved this chichen sandwich!

Memorized it (took a photo and wrote down the ingredients) and made this at home  - once I found the fig spread.

Both times!

from bottom up...
Ciabatta bun
fig spread
grilled pears
bacon ( I left this out of mine)
grilled chicken breast
warm brie cheese

yup! a keeper

Next lunch on the deck with guests.


Patricia said...

Love your photos. Hardly a day goes by that I don't check your blog. You have such a great 'eye and incredible skills for taking wonderful pictures. Thank you for being part of my days.

Julie Cortens said...

Awe, thanks Pat!

Allie said...

Where do you get fig spread?? Your picture made me hungry!

Julie Cortens said...

Allie - found a little store called Ingredients.
It's kind of yummy on a lot of things!