Friday, 1 February 2013

The Orchid

Some of you know this story. I posted last year about this time.
A friend and coworker blessed me with an orchid in April 2011 when my father died. It was beautiful and bloomed for over a month. Then all the flowers died and nothing more came.
In late January 2012 it sprouted new buds and bloomed in time for my fathers birthday February 13th and right thru until April - the month he died. But the stock that the blooms were on died off too last year and so I thought it was finished.
Still, when I remembered, I watered it.

This past Christmas it sent up a healthy shoot and again in mid January 2013 beautiful buds appeared - 12 of them instead of the usual 6. It will be full of blooms for Dad's birthday.

My friend and co worker likely doesn't know this but I am just so blessed every year when my orchid blooms from February to April. It is a daily reminder of what a beautiful person my father was.

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Dale said...

Love the story and the photo, thanks for posting.