Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Girls.

David and I babysat the girls again last night so their mother could have a few hours out of the house without carrying two little ones and all their paraphernalia back and forth to the car in the snow and ice by herself late at night in the west end of Saskatoon. Her husband is working out of town.
It is rare that she is able to get out of their 500 sq ft house these days. Being a "single" parent for the past year takes it's toll. Shovelling the walk, putting the garbage bin out on the street, getting groceries, sick kids all take on new meaning when you are by yourself 24/7 with 2 little ones. Many hands make light work or in this case 4 more hands ease the burden a little. I worry when she does have to venture out with them, especially at night.

Just love those eyes.


Michelle said...

Such beautiful little girls! You are such a lucky Grandma!

Julie Cortens said...

Indeed I am!
Thanks Michelle.