Thursday, 14 February 2013

Be My Valentine!!

The girls went out for lunch today!
Grandpa was supposed to join us but work got in the way. He is working WAY too hard these days.

Eva has quite got into the hang of opening presents now. :)
Especially presents from Grandma and Grandpa

 chocolate trumps books any day.....

 ELMO stickers!!!!

 And while grandpa missed lunch, he also missed supper last night. Poor guy pulled another 15 hr work day on one apple. Sigh. I will be glad when annual report time is over and he is home again. These 12 hr days 6-7 days a week take a toll on him.

I had an east coast ocean romantic theme supper waiting for him. He missed it and I ate at my computer. :( But no complaints. We will find another night soon and at least I am not surrounded by 4 needy children while he works these hours. :) I have had plenty of years of THAT!!

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