Monday, 11 February 2013

The Ocean

I love the ocean. Sometimes I wonder why I was born on the cold Canadian prairies when I feel such peace and relaxation by the ocean. The salty air? The gentle sounds of the waves? The power of God's creation there before me in such majesty?
I dream of a little cottage on the ocean - just me, my husband, some good books, a market nearby, early walks at sunrise, falling asleep to the rhythmic sounds of the waves, flush toilets and perhaps internet? :)

Here are some photos I took of the ocean this past January. I took them at about 6am. I used a very slow shutter speed to capture the motion and the depth.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Julie. When are you going to open your own gallery??

Julie Cortens said...

It's open!! And they serve free wine!!
Thank you!
:) I have a long hallway in our home with some framed shots from our plymouth trip. David really encouraged me to put the family photos somewhere else and start framing - so I have.
So starts the collection - one day perhaps I will have enough to do a small display somewhere. Still haven't found my niche though. But I am thinking one of these sunrises might look mighty fine on canvas.