Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summer where are you?



allisonwhitehawk said...

Can't wait for warmer weather and no snow!

Hard to believe this shirt is now in Norah's drawer. Where does the time go?

Thelma Findlay said...

I loved this series of photos - the exquisitiveness of life through a child's eyes. Summer - soon Julie - soon. But first, the arrival of spring and all of the renewal that surprises us each day. I loved the arrival of crow's and bluejay's songs last week. I keep looking for Canada Geese, but I know I'm just a little bit ahead of myself.

Julie Cortens said...

Oh Yes Thelma - our best seasons are spring and fall. I heard the crows too - wish they were Robins. :) Haven't seen any Canada geese yet but that will be a sweet sound. I have tulips I forgot to plant last fall. I wonder if I can still plunk them in the ground in april?