Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cell Phone Etiquette When Dining

I know, we are all a tad addicted to our cell phones and if we only knew exactly how much of our day was spent looking at them/being distracted by them, I think we would be appalled!

Since purchasing my iPhone 5 a few weeks ago I  have found myself all too attached to it. Even at work, my personal emails and Facebook notifications scream 'read me! read me!'  in the midst of my work duties. A couple of days at this and I realized this was eating up a fair chunk of my day - I turned it off. My employer is not paying me to read personal stuff.

But bringing a cell phone to the supper table, except for emergency situations, is downright rude in my humble and honest opinion.

And even more appalling is to look up from your plate while talking to find your dining guest texting. What! Am I THAT boring?

This doesn't just apply at the table either. Any time a group of people are gathered for the purpose of discussing anything, a cell phone going off says to the group "I have someone more important then you to talk to right now" Excusing yourself and leaving the room does not make us feel any less unimportant.

There is a time and place to TURN OFF the Phone.

Unless you are a 2 year old...

Then it is down right adorable!

Eva came for a sleepover last night and then we went out for pancakes this morning. When we finished eating we called her mom to say we were on our way and soooo Eva wanted to chat,
and chat
and chat

She was actually off in her own world chatting away to mom about pancakes and orange juice and Grandma and Grandpa's bed and the fact that she kicked them and kept them awake a good bit of the night (not really that last part). 

She got quite comfortable too....

Until Grandpa said times up!!

So what's your take on cell phones at the table, or anywhere people get together face to face to talk 
or your take on adorable 2 year olds getting away with it. :)


Anonymous said...

These shots are so good.... I saw the whole thing and she can call me anytime!

Michelle said...

I love the last photo, it looks like you're bothering her! LOL!! I agree with you Julie! I get irritated when people find their phones so important. It always makes me wonder what those people, who appear to be on a date, could possibly be texting about when they should be talking to the person across from them. We do not have our phones anywhere close when we have company, go out to eat or even just the 4 of us having a meal at home. The phone can wait.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Michelle. It is a shame when good old fashioned one on one conversation starts to disappear. Intimacy - on all levels is lost. Giving up cell phone for lent. :) maybe next year.

Amber Harper said...

A nice blog about cell phone etiquette. It is true that putting your mobile phone to the dining table with the host or the guests is rude as well as taking a phone call while on the middle of a conversation. Yet there are a lot of situations wherein proper etiquette should be practiced, and it should not only be applied when dining but should be carried out at all times. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to the readers.