Saturday, 9 February 2013



The girls are here for a sleepover....

/iio czc//b//cccxxxszazzx
that is from Eva.....she is on my lap as I type....

,,,sssmsolwoet;;/e/w.dxzewDEV VAYAB

 Chocolate ice cream cone  
Brain Freeze!!

Oh gosh this little girl is soooo adorable. sigh, I can't stop kissing her neck. :)
It's 10 pm and they are both still wide awake. They are NOT on G&G's schedule.

Post note - midnight.... no sleep until midnight. :(  mittagsschlafen (or metaschlope) tomorrow


Patricia said...

What great little singer, Eva is. So fun.

Julie Cortens said...

Eva loves to sing!! But I don't think she will be a first soprano like her mom and g-ma. She is sounding like an alto. :)