Thursday, 31 January 2013


Probably not the kind of photo day you are thinking of.
Not the kind where you get your photo taken. No, today is photo or photography day because I am not working at the Health Region and my car is in for repairs. So that means I spend the day playing with photography stuff, at home, in front of my Mac. Yeah!!!! I really could use a week of this.
So on the agenda:

1. Perusing those 459 blog posts in Google Reader I have neglected.
2. Watching a Cliff Mautner and a Jerry Ghionis video ( on wedding portraiture/natural lighting for inspiration - I have a wedding on Saturday.
3. Finish packaging up 2 clients photos for delivery. Photos came back from Dons and- wow!
4. Finish the tweaks on a Corporate shoot - annual meeting - love these!
AND upload them to the web site and BURN them to disk.
5. Play with my new 4 Gb flash drive (see below) and acrylic platform (no shadows !!!) and graduated background (so simple - so perfect). Time for some macro lens fun and photoshop!!

and somewhere around 6pm, I will throw some fish on for supper and make a grand salad for my sweetheart.

And this is my PHOTO DAY!!


I was into Don's the other day to pick up client photos and saw this little item there. It was so cute, so adorable.... well I just couldn't resist getting one. Now I want a whole bunch of them!!

I would love to offer my clients the options of putting their photos onto this little 4Gb flash drive as well as a cd. What do you think?

I mean, LOOK at this.....

Isn't this really neat??

So much easier for taking photos in for printing. And so very cool!!

hmmm if only I could get my logo on them. :)

If you go to Don's to get one of these, tell them you saw them first here on my blog. :) I love the guys and gals at Dons! I love the stuff in Don's even more. :)

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