Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Temps in the mid to high 80's here - retreating to the shade.

This first shot is the main bar - Martini's. It is beautiful by day and spectacular by night.
This is an HDR shot - three shots, different exposures because the staircase would be too dark if I exposed for the windows. And a few other issues - but here you see it in all its daylight splendour.

 I love night shots!!

And I love the man who patiently waits for me to set up the shot and make it, carrying tripod and camera gear for me when what he would really like to do is go enjoy supper at one of the 5* restaurants.

And I have about 37 more photos but I will just stick with these.

A favor to ask of my readers. I had someone (a fellow photographer) email me saying that my photos on blogger were soft (blurry) but sharp when he saw them in Facebook or clicked on them. If you see any of these photos as blurry could you click on them? Let me know if they are blurry either on the blog or after clicking on them. I would be curious to know what browser you are using - safari, firefox etc. Much appreciated.
You can contact me above. Much appreciated.
If they are sharp and you like them you are also welcome to leave a comment. :)

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