Sunday, 26 July 2009

Wedding pages and other stuff

Well finally the first two layouts from the wedding. I am in a minimalist frame of mind right now and am going to try my best to make this wedding album about the pictures ~ the bride and the groom and the day and less about scrapbooking supplies.

Minimalist! I love the classiness of it ....I so often stray from it....

Allison's chosen colors were aqua and lime green - so those will be the colors I bring in.

The big day..... there is something special about that moment of arriving at the church for your wedding...
...and what would I do without Prima!

Becoming The Bride - and a stunning bride she was....
.... with the help of a very special hair dresser whose name I am not going to tell you because she is fantastic and we are sooo grateful for her willingness to come in on her day off on the May long weekend! And we want to make sure we can always get an appointment with Danielle at Sun Sera on Gray ave. oops!

In other news I am Kjijiing a couch, love seat and piano - and what a pain that is - I am trying to give them away ($20 for the couch and love seat - the piano is free and needs tuning) and spending more time responding to e-mails - 20 of them and trying to phone people back who send me their phone number...

This was supposed to be easy.....someone please come and take this couch and love seat out of my basement - you have to take the piano too!!

on more other news....I have to go back to work tomorrow and so ends my three days holidays this summer (with the weekend gave me FIVE days off in a row - FIVE! and I went crazy doing all sorts of fun stuff mostly with my camera and MAC) however reality is smacking me in the face!....the camera will go back on the shelf, the scrapbook supplies will get cleaned up and the Google Reader in box will climb into the 200 range again...sigh!

Why do I do this to myself? ...oh yeah... wedding, new roof, new camera, trip to see the new grand-baby... ah life is grand and I am blessed to be able to work and have/do all these things - especially with a wonderful guy!
My Lord supplies beyond all my needs.

...remember I have a couch I want out of the basement - a couch, love seat and piano!


Mrs Manz said...

hey Julie!
You should call Amanda - she is kinda looking for some furniture - and maybe she even plays the piano?? Worth a try... :)

Julie Cortens said...

Sent Amanda an e-mail - but the couch is gone! And so is the love seat. The piano gets picked up tomorrow evening. Got to love Kijiji. One fellow asked if we could deliver the couch to his place.... um NO!