Tuesday, 7 July 2009

God is in Control

I feel sad and heartbroken ....I read the headlines and I ask myself.... can this fallen world get any worse? Unfortunately, the answer is yes and it will likely get worse.
Home from work, groceries away, supper on, ahhhh sit and open my e-mails and get the headlines....

I read this and I am in tears. I sit hear heartbroken - am I just tired? No I am sad, so many mourning, so many to pray for, so many need His peace and comfort at such horrible times.

It is just the news.... but somewhere two mothers just lost their

sons. I imagine the moments of terror for these two young men as their helicopter spun to the ground, knowing that this was it. Were they ready to meet their Creator? I imagine their mothers imagining the same. I think of the oppression in China. I wonder what demented turmoil in a person would cause them to go out and randomly kill. Yes we hate the killer - but what was going on in his life? How did he grow up - what in this fallen world made him like this? How do the families who lost loved ones to this rampage deal with this? How does the teen rugby player live out the rest of his life knowing he killed another player - what was going on in his life that made this happen? There is another story that is untold here. Are the family of the killed snowbird pilot reliving the grief all over again with this "story"? Could I ever cope with the horrible experience of standing on the tarmac to wait the arrival of one of my son's bodies from what to me is a senseless war in Afghanistan?

And yet.... God IS in control. Yes

He is in control of all things and that is good.... that is soooo good because I am weak and sinful and lost and hopeless and I am mortal and I too will die one day. I cannot change any of these events. I am helpless, but God is not and He is in control and I know (and scripture continually reminds me) that He is GOOD and He is righteous and He is perfect and while I may not understand why or how these things happen... I trust and know that He does and one day I will understand and it will all make sense.

Oh that all people suffering today would know the grace and love and goodness and perfectness of a God who is in complete control of this world.

sigh....back to reality - supper has to be readied, put a smile on my face and carry on. Something weirdly hypocritical in this...

Your thoughts??


Laurie Bearce said...

I totally get where you are coming from here. I too have been asking those questions. So many around me are suffering..and that's just in my little circle. As you pointed out people the world over are suffering.
And I agree that the only real comfort is in the only real Comforter. Our Creator. Our God. My God who knows the number of hairs on my head. My God who orders the heavens. My God who loves me so intensely He actually gave up His only Son as a sacrifice to appease His own righteous wrath against me. That same God is the answer to the worlds problems. We are His messengers. We need to get the Word out to the world that sin leads to death but there is life through Christ. We need to share with those close to us the total joy within us because of His total love for us.
You read my blog about love - it keeps hitting me between the eyes. God is love. And I believe that. I've seen evidence of it.
So when tragedy strikes I can be at peace (though like you, I feel sad - which I think is compassion)knowing He really does work all things together for the good of those who are called according to His purposes because they come fromthe loving hand of God. And for the rest...we need to tell them the way to God through Jesus.
Suffering can be a great catalyst for grace.
Let's pray for those who are suffering.

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you Laurie and a big AMEN!
Yes prayer is what is needed - lots and lots of prayer!

Kate said...

Some find me "indifferent" or "cold" in times of trouble. Recently my hubs was not happy with my reaction to a very serious situation. I asked him what he would have me do? Throw myself across the hospital bed and wail in agony? He said no. I said all we can do is pray. It gives me peace. It gives me hope. No matter what heartbreak happens, even if I am mad as heck and don't want to accept it right away, it is part of God's plan and who am I to buck that? My many, many tears are better spent speaking to my Lord. Amen to that.

Julie Cortens said...

Ah, yes Kate, He is in control of all things and what peace to rest in this - to just give it over to Him and then seek Him in prayer. Not that the tears don't flow at times - sometimes lots of them.... but there is always hope because of Him.
Thanks for sharing.