Monday, 13 July 2009

The June Bug arrived!

For those of you not remotely familiar with scrapbooking, this is not a beetle of great dread who will eat your trees. No, I am referring to the new Basic Grey line of paper that many have been waiting for with great anticipation.
The Basic Grey June Bug arrived today along with a few other goodies.... too bad I have to work tomorrow.

New stuff is always so inspiring!

First let me say though that I think the recession in the US is far greater than I realized because I think BG fired their usual designers and hired someone on the cheap.
I am disappointed with this line. They have had so many incredible, timeless lines in the past but this one ....well I'll just say it doesn't tickle my fancy.

However! I am always up for a challenge and hey I can use red plaid (vintage plaid) along with cabana on a layout with the right pic. And this picture of Mark with the big old red wooden carriage wheel worked.

...and get this, I used eyelets! Remember them? They were so perfect with this. Took me a while to find my eyelet setter, but there they are and you know what? Placing eyelets on the dotted card stock was just too easy to line up perfectly!
Journalling reads....
You sure do take a good picture Mark!
One cool dude!
Handsome, nice guy, talented, kind, a good cook, gentle and a strong brave fire-fighter as well. How come some girl hasn't swooped you up?
I know, I know – you are waiting for the perfect wife... and that is a very good thing. I know she is out there and she will love the Lord like you do. Every day Dad and I pray for you and for your future wife, whomever she might be.

My plan is to attempt some of the more floral June Bug papers as soon as I can. More challenge!!! But I love a challenge.

Have you caught the June Bug yet?
I want to know what you think.


Cheryl said...

I have only seen the new BG online as I am trying really hard to stay away from the LSS. I know if I go in there I will succumb to temptation and buy something and I really need to use up some stash!! I have to say it didn't really reach out to me like some of their older lines did. I have been much more impressed with some of the other new papers, one being pink paisley!! but then, I have a granddaughter to scrap about!! And your son is handsome, I agree, if I was 30 years younger and not married to the best man in the world(heh,heh, just in case he starts reading over my shoulder!!) I would "swoop him up"!!!!LOL

Julie Cortens said...

haha - if I had a granddaughter I would be buying up the pink paisley too!
June Bug is growing on me and I am actually loving the challenge to use it in creative ways.
I am using up the old stash too...I am just replacing it as fast as I use it. The new stuff inspires me. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Original Inspirations said...

Me thinks "yuck" - saw it at the LSS in Steinbach, and actually, the red plaid was the only thing that I thought 'maybe' I could do something with that. Love the way you used it!

Julie Cortens said...

LOL - that is what I thought when my package arrived - that and great disappointment. But if you only use pieces of it on the BG designer card-stock it isn't too bad. :)