Sunday, 12 July 2009

2002 layouts

I know you were expecting wedding photos but I chose to get the 2002 album out of the way, packaged up, gone from the scrapbook room, before I tackle uploading wedding photos.

Then I have to decide which ones to print and what size.... watching for those Blacks and Don's specials..... then the wedding scrapbook begins. Can I get it done by September when the grandbaby arrives? I think not - but perhaps well into it.

Here is the weekends efforts....
Thanksgiving 2002 - no guests... since our usual guests were off having Thanksgiving with their families and we have no extended family in Saskatchewan - but we still had all the fixin's!
I love this page - I like all the subtle stuff on it - the way the page picks up on the guitar - the music stamp on the journalling tag, the mesh with the black line - like the guitar. It just came together when the house was quiet except for the washing machine and dryer and I had a hot cup of decaf - having time like this. I have been waiting all week for a morning like this.
There he is my son Paul - my guitar-man - like his Dad - and brother Mark come to think of it.

Coca Cola Crazy - only Paul could take the Pepsi challenge - tell the guys that one of them was just awful and the other fabulous knowing all along which was the Coke. Nasty boy!
Lots of Basic Grey on this page - so glad I stowed those leftover Coke papers.

Okay so as bad as these photos were I felt pretty good about the layouts... but this last one had horribly faded photos and there were abut 12 of this Christmas church event - and so few of my kids.. but I know the kids will want to remember this fun talent night. So here it is. I pulled out the Christmas stuff and gave it a shot.
A lot of cropping went on to make these fit. And the scanner cut off the bottom - it really does have a bottom border.

Four pages done... six more to go and I am finished 2002.


Kate said...

UGH! We are all plagued with those pre-DSLR photos. But they make SO MANY memories! Way to scrap them with style! I LOVE that you used the older MM rubons for the guitarman LO. They are my all time fave. They go on like butter no matter how old they are.

Julie Cortens said...

haha! Good eye on the MM rub-ons. I love them too and discovered a whole drawer full of them - all the e's and a's are likely all gone - but I AM going to use them up somewhere. I think MM should produce these again.