Sunday, 5 July 2009

Another 2002 page

I decided that the weekend was not going to pass me by without getting at least one page done. And so, besides getting a whole bunch of laundry finished, 26 items ironed, guests for lunch after church this am (do Sammy and Allison count as guests?), a new banner made (you like?), I did get a page done.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a 12x12 scanner that didn't cut the bottoms off my pages?
The Basic Grey Wisteria has the perfect colors for this page and besides - time to use up the old stock in preparation for the arrival of the new Basic Grey - June Bug!!


Angie said...

love what you did with the title...its just a little too big for your blog, I have to scroll to see it all.

Julie Cortens said...

No, no Angie - that just means you have to ask dear husband for a larger screen - like a 24 inch flat screen - under $300.00
I will try to fix it - it fits perfectly on my 24 inch MAC - but I am likely the minority.