Sunday, 18 August 2013

Summer evenings...

Well I just couldn't decide which one I loved more then the other you have to look at them all. :)

Eva in her back yard Friday evening.

oh look who sat still for an nanosecond......

Eva ,"Grandma, take a picture of Eva's somersault....."

She poses for me now!
The "no pictures" phase has officially passed!!

I shot a family of nineteen yesterday - wow I have never shot so many lovely, obedient and happy children - we were done in an hour and 15 minutes!! Nine kids ages 10 an under - and they all smiled for me! Love it. haven't got permission to post those yet. :)

Also did a studio shoot of a body builder....... oh my! Can't post any of those until we see which ones go commercial :)

Busy Weekend!!
Sunday promises to be a quiet time..... with some photo editing. :)
How did you spend your weekend?

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