Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ashley's Album

It arrived today!
I have been tracking it's travels from New York for the past two weeks.
I have been so anxious to see it!
When it arrived I carefully opened it, holding my breath. I am excited but also filled with fear that something might be wrong - that it won't look like it did on my screen, that the printing company messed up - the colours are off or something just isn't right. I continue to hold my breath as I flip thru each page slowly.

This was an expensive album and I don't charge a whole lot for them. If I did, people just would not order them. I can't afford to order another if there is a mistake.

It is perfect!!

I can breath again.

These albums take countless hours to put together. But I love doing them.
I love them because my photos are soooo much better in a beautiful album then sitting on a disk on someones desk.

This is the final stage of all my work from preparation for the shoot, to the day of the shoot, to the  many, many hours of editing, to final selection and creating.
Then to print! Here is where my work shines.

And I smile!!

It was all worth it.

Then I have to give it my customers...... :)

Beautiful lay flat binding
Sturdy heavy pages
Gorgeous colours

THIS is what should happen to all those wonderful photos you have!


Thelma Findlay said...

I have mused often about making some books ... and now that I finally see one, it's something I'm going to do for Christmas gifts! Thanks for sharing. Awesome work.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Thelma. It is a great Christmas gift idea! I make mini albums of the grand girls for the great grandparents regularly. I also make an album every time we travel so the trip is in a book with some journalling. it is a great way to archive memories right along with those scrap books. :)

Michelle said...

It is soooo beautiful Julie!!! We absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for all of the time you put into your work, right from the first phone call to book the appointment all the way to when we picked up this beautiful book! We are looking forward to doing the same thing for Zach's senior photos in the fall!
Amazing, thank you! We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful photographer!

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you Michelle. I enjoyed every minute of it!