Monday, 12 August 2013

Family Fun!!

I love summer. Sundays on the deck. Mark is home for a visit. The morning at church with the saints then off to squeeze in 18 holes on the course.
Then the family and friends arrive.
The young ones come to be fed.
They visit.
We feed them.
We all have a grand time.
Life at our house... I will sleep well tonight. :)

Chili bites, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, halloumi.... They ate it so fast I didn't have time to get a decent photo!!
Then steaks and the works.
Oh yes dessert - slaved over that one. ;)

The grands in the wading pool in freezing cold water.

YUP! We had a grand time

Ended the evening with a round of Cranium!

Girls against the guys!

we lost. :(

 Cool Dudes!!

 the appies
 the people
 Really! I was there!

Those desserts!

And that my dear blogging friends is how we redeemed the day yesterday! 
In service and with great thanks to Him who is worthy!

Hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying this beautiful summer weather. 

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