Thursday, 22 August 2013

Family Vacation Slideshow

I spent a good chunk of yesterday making a slideshow for the kids and grandkids. I use ProShow Web for my slideshows and they recently added many more features - so I had a minor learning curve to figure it all out but I am thrilled with the changes they have made.
This family slideshow has a good sampling of all the activities we did on our family vacation to Florida this past April. I was even able to work in a short video of Mark's win doing the Fear Factor contest at Universal Studios.
It is little long - 6 minutes - but I figure in 15 years the kids will love watching this. I love watching it now but, well you know. :)

I made a coffee table book too. Managed to get over 200 photos into it.

Just preserving family memories. :)


Anonymous said...

Great work Julie on the slide show!! It moved along very nicely and you got some wonderful shots in there. Looks like everyone had a good time. Your whole family are very blessed to have you to capture the special moments in life. Your little blonde grandgirls are absolutely beautiful - it was lovely to see them. You must miss not be able to see them very often, but thankfully you have Eva and Nora who are so photogenic and cute as can be. I especially like the one of you and David to finish off the show!! Well done.

Maureen in Vancouver

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Maureen! We are blessed! On my way to see the west coast grands with Allison and the girls in September. Excited to have them all together for a few days.