Friday, 23 August 2013

Free Oak Entertainment Center

babysat the girls this morning and they were helping me purge stuff from the basement......sort of.

I cleaned out the entertainment center in prep for kijiji but the girls had so much fun climbing in and out of it. Eva went "shopping" thru all my sorted stuff and piled it into the cupboard. sigh...

Anyways, I had this custom made for Davids birthday a few years back. It is solid oak with no marks or scratches on it.

It has a small 2 inch chunk cut out of the back upper corner to make it fit around the fireplace. But that is not noticeable.

I am putting it on kijiji tomorrow but I thought I would post it to all my blogger and facebook friends first.

I would love to make THIS out of it but, well neither my sweet accountant husband or I do saws very well. But boy if I could,  I would.

So I am offering if free to the first person to contact me and come and get it.


Carla said...

I'll take it! Then I'll have to talk to my cabinet maker husband and contract the work out to him :)

Julie Cortens said...

SOLD!!! When can you come and get it?
email me.

Julie Cortens said...

When I say SOLD btw - all you ned to give me is a smile.. and take it out of my basement. :)
Bring two guys. Remember David is an accountant. :)