Saturday, 17 August 2013

Salad Art

I have found a new creative outlet...

as if I needed one!  :)

It is salad art.

You heard it here first folks.

Most days around 5:30 I open the fridge and pull out all the creative tools at hand and get to work.

I am quite loving it..... especially when my sweetheart raves about my salads. :)

It's fun, it's creative and dang it tastes good. Especially with my organic home made salad dressing - with cold pressed hemp or flax seed oil and organic honey...... and a few other secret ingredients.

There is always a little fruit and always seeds of some sort and cheese of some sort...... blue being our favourite....... Laurie from Arizona - here that? :)

Ain't it purdy?

....wonder if Chatelaine will pick this one  up. :)
Anxiously waiting for the September issue........

TWO big shoots today.......time to charge some batteries and format a few cards.


Allie said...


Mmm, it looks so good. I want one! Without the blue cheese (heehee).

Julie Cortens said...

Locals ones are getting there but these are imported.
The blue cheese makes it!! That tang with the sweetness of the berries and honey.

Laurie Bearce said...

Bleeeewwww cheese?

Julie Cortens said...

Yes Ma'am!
I eat blue cheese strait from the fridge for a snack.... of course it is usually better with a glass of wine and a chunk of fresh bread! it's a staple around here..... but then so is the wine. :)

Allie said...

Oh, OK. I was just jealous because ours will be another couple weeks, and Tanis and I are waiting impatiently! She wants blackberries on her birthday cake - just the right time of year. :)