Friday, 27 September 2013


Working on the final touches of a new studio.
Eva helped me test it out today.
Still need to tweak some lighting.

Looking for any adults who would like to sit for me for 30 minutes while I play with lights. I will give you some final edited photos. :)
Anyone available Sat morning?

Here are a few from Eva's shoot today.


Thelma Findlay said...

Oh my goodness! Next time I am in Saskatoon, I'm going to come by for 30 minutes! Love all of these photos, but especially the 3rd one where she's lying on the floor. She's such a photogenic dolly!

Allie said...

The first one is my favourite! She looks so beautiful!

Angie said...

Me and/or my girls are available :-)

Julie Cortens said...

Hey Angie! Thanks for the offer. I am completely swamped today (Sat) with two volunteer shoots and a wedding Yikes! Tomorrow is full too - with guests. But I will call you if I have an opening and still need to test the lighting. I think I am coming close to getting a hang for these pocket wizards. :)