Saturday, 14 September 2013

Birthday Fun!!

Cooked up a rather large Coho salmon last night caught fresh that morning off the coast of Vancouver Island! He was very BIG! Had trouble getting him to fit in the oven. :) But oh he was yummy!

Celebrating a couple of birthdays around here.
I have been travelling this past week so haven't had much time to blog..... travelling with the grands so really not having much time to blog!

 Trying to get four little ones to look at a camera that no one is behind was a bit tricky. But here we have our gang minus Harold and Sammy with Oldemore (Norwegian for grandmother) - my Mom

 The birthday girls - Tanis on the 14th - today - and Eva on the 21st, opening gifts from Oldemore. 

The girls admire their new furry slippers from Oldemore

 The birthday boy - on the 13th! 

Oh the excitement of turning 4!

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