Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo

What a fun hour at the petting zoo. First we waited for all the goats to come running down the path to their enclosure.....

Then we got to pet them

Tanis and Eva were a little on the cautious side. They preferred to hold hands and observe.
Jane was a little more interested in checking it out.

And Norah was right in there having a blast!



So enjoyed getting to know these two a little more.

 Eva looking so grown up.


allisonwhitehawk said...

Eva saw just that last picture and I said, "Who's that pretty girl?" and she said, "Eva - looking at the horses. I want to see Jane." Haha! She remembered that day. Love the pictures.

Thelma Findlay said...

Hi Julie - not sure whose Mom that is in the first picture, BUT, wow, does your daughter ever resemble her! I love the expression on Mom's face too! Priceless.

Julie Cortens said...

Smart Eva - that is exactly what she was looking at. So glad she remembered. I wlil try to get the photos into a book for the girls.

Julie Cortens said...

That's my Mom Thelma. I always thought Allison took after the Cortens side with my colouring. :) But I see some resemblance here. :)
We had a great visit with her.

Beth Sharp said...

Love these photos- my Auntie Tanis looks wonderful! Your photos capture such joy and fun.
Cousin Beth