Friday, 20 September 2013

Crazy Busy

Crazy busy with photo shoots, photo edits and photo delivery..... that's what happens when I take a week off travelling with the grands. It has been particularily busy at the other job too this week.
So I am catching up and adding to the to do list at the same time. :)
Had a fabulous morning at Wrench Fitness in Martensville today and spent the rest of the day working on those photo. Mark is home and I so enjoy working with him. He needs to move back to Saskatoon!

September has been a busy month - almost as busy as August. Loving it!

In the meantime since I feel I have been neglecting all my faithful blog readers, here is Eva when Oldemore asked her if she would like an ice cream sandwich for dessert.....

I think the answer was 'yes please'. :)

And since it is now 11:55pm I think I had better call it a night and go dream about editing photos all night!!

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