Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Eva's favorite character right now and she got to meet her.

and grandma got to stand in line for over 45 minutes so we could get this photo.
(which I will edit on the big screen when I get home)
It was over 30 C but thankfully the line was indoors and the air conditioning was on.
I much prefer lounging by the pool then Disney World lineups, but I do have lots of memories recorded.

Heading home now.
Sitting in the Minneapolis airport.
Expecting snow to be gone and warm weather when we get there. :)


allisonwhitehawk said...

Love this. :) She had such a good time.

Julie Cortens said...

It was a fabulous vacation! Everyone did so much of what they wanted to do and more... like Mark winning the Fear Factor competition. :) Now to get through 1000 photos. Working on a Disney/Florida photo book for your girls.