Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sent to print!

I was busy last weekend - pulled some 3 am nights because my head cold kept me from sleep so if I had to be upright I might as well work on the photo books for the grand girls.

This is Norah and Eva's book - a good sampling of their trip but with all the photos of the activities that this family did.

I also completed a book for the west coast grand girls but their parents prefer I keep it off the internet. sorry

If you know them though, email them for the link.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I love the book of the Saskatchewan girls - that little Norah has so much personality - she is so adorable. And of course Eva is her usual gorgeous self. Two beauties!
I am doing well now - finished all my treatments and starting to regain strength and energy. Thanks for your prayers.
Maureen (Vancouver)

Julie Cortens said...

Wonderful news Maureen! I will continue to lift you in prayer for complete healing. Have a fabulous summer. Indulge yourself in something special! :)