Friday, 3 May 2013

There is LIFE in my garden!

I spent 3 hours in the back yard today - raking. My aching body says it would have been easier to spend an hour at the gym. But it looks fabulous back there and once I removed 6 huge bags of leaves I discovered new life emerging. The rhubarb is poking through so spring must really be on the way.

I also raked a little snow, but it is melting fast.
I find it hard to believe I am actually thinking about my annuals and I may just head to Canadian Tire tomorrow am and take advantage of their sale on geraniums.
  yeah! for spring.
This little fellow below was sitting in my front garden (raking it is on tomorrows to do list). I think maybe he hit the window and was recuperating because he allowed me to photograph him and an hour later he was still there. Hope he is okay.

Anyone know what kind of bird he is?
Kind a cute little guy.
 I am working on numerous photos when not raking leaves. There is a sale on AdoramaPix 8x8 books (50% off!) so I am putting together photo books  of our Florida vacation for the grandgirls. I have three more days. But Sunday is full and I head to work Monday... so I will be putting in some late evenings and I am fighting a cold. Haven't had a cold in years and I really don't have time for this so I am pretending it isn't there. :) And drinking a ton of OJ.

I will show you the grands books soon as I have them sent for print. fun fun!

ps - Todays Bible verse is one of my favorites. :) Habakkuk 3:17-18


Allie said...

I think that bird might be a junco?

I love that verse too :)

Julie Cortens said...

Oh yes! I googled junco images and that is exactly how he looks. He was gone by the evening - hopefully he flew away and a neighbourhood cat didn't get him. :(