Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Winnipeg Jets Hat Fun

Eva was wearing her Winnipeg Jets Shirt last weekend - a gift from Uncle Mark. Now Uncle Mark wanted a photo with his Jets cap on too.

But Eva decided she was not going to oblige. And she was going to have fun resisting.

Here she is, the Jets fan maestro at the piano warming up.... and avoiding Uncle Mark with hat in hand.

Such style!!

My poor piano......

 Uncle Mark goes for the hat placement, Grandma is ready with the camera......
...... the old double reverse, negative psychology did not work.

Smart girl knew exactly what we were up to.

Eva is loving this!!
She runs away to the window for a break from all this coercion and finds all the ice dripping off the roof kinda interesting.

Then we strike again while she is 'reading' some music.
Aha - we get the shot
For 1.5 seconds!
And then the hat is gone with the flick of a hand!

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