Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Grandgirls!

All of them! Together!
At the pool!

Here's the best I could do in the 2 minutes we had.
Finally - Grandpa and Grandma have a photo for our office desks! :)

It is lovely and warm here and the kids (big and little) are having a blast. Norah doesn't stop giggling!
Dad and I care doing a lot of grocery shopping and cooking..... and lovin' it!


Anonymous said...

Oh Julie,
How beautiful all those little girls are, and how lovely that you can spend time with all of them. They are all gorgeous - each one of them, and I am sure they each have their own little personalities! Such joy!
Maureen in Vancouver

Julie Cortens said...

Oh yes! Four completely wonderful and different personalities - a blessing to get to know each of them. I love how they are all so different. They enjoyed their time together - especially the two oldest.