Monday, 8 April 2013


Mark and Sammy are home - their visits overlapping by one day... so since I worked today the easiest way to get the gang together is to treat them all to Montanas.
It was fun!
Super dooper dark in there and no flash though. So dark photos with very high ISO - but hey the moments were captured.
Moments to be cherished and even I got into some photos. 

 The girls took turns on Uncle Mark's lap. Probably more interested in his cell phone then him but they love to cuddle with him. Even the elusive Uncle Harold showed up!
 Norah was so hungry she was eating her shoe! 
 Eva wanted to cuddle with Mom - feeling very attached to her mother these days. Probably the result of Daddy being away so much. 

And what do you know? Two photos of me taken by Mark and Eva.
Can you tell who took which one?

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