Thursday, 18 April 2013

Gym Day!

"I got my car!!"
"honk honk!"
"oh Grandma, look at all the kids flying by me on their cars"
"oh look how fast they are going"
"Peek a boo"
"I see you Grandma"
"okay I am going to find something else to do now"

Eva flies by in the background....
You will notice that Gym Day features heavily on Norah. That's because Eva spends the whole hour in "her" car avoiding my camera. She has a bit of a "Leave me alone I am playing with the big kids" kind of look on her face. While Norah is in the "look at me, Grandma! " phase. Which Grandma loves of course. :)


allisonwhitehawk said...

Love these! Especially the "CRASH!" haha.

Julie Cortens said...

Yeah! I am not sure what she was thinking but she was sure entertained by the 4 yr old boys whizzing by her.