Saturday, 20 November 2010

Friday poolside and other shots

So sorry to post these given the temps in Saskatoon but perhaps they will bring a little warmth????
or even spur you to start planning your next get-away?

 This litte 1/2 inch guy climbed across my camera bag.
I knew there was a reason I brought the macro lens to the pool.

 These flowers are everywhere 
 One of our favourite times of the day - supper on the lanai.
 Up at 5 am this morning and saw the full moon off the lanai
 - happy to have the tripod and remote trigger with me for steady shots.
It also helps to be on the 13th floor....
Although if it is clear tomorrow am I want to shoot this from the 5am I obsessed?
....don't answer that!
And if you are up at 5am to shoot the moon,
well you might as well "shoot the moon" and get the sunrise off the condo's back balcony. 

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