Friday, 19 November 2010

Ko'olina Resort

Stopped in the very high end Marriott Ko'olina resort on the way to our very reasonable (read cheap) condo at Makaha. We had lunch, saw the hammerhead sharks, took a few photos, walked on the beach, acted like we belonged there and then headed to the NW corner of the island where we picked up our groceries for the next week and checked into our condo.

His and hers. :)
which is why we needed the long beach walk before heading on to Makaha.

The view of the Marriott lobby looking up...way up!

....our beach is WAY better at Makaha, no cool lobbys, manicured gardens, pool service, swanky restaurants with gorgeous drinks, but a fantabulous beach.
Wait - I do have poolside service..... AKA sherpa. :)


Mrs Manz said...

Not jealous.
Not jealous.
Not jealous.
... sigh. ;-D

So glad you guys are getting a time away together... in the most romantic place on earth, no less! :)

See you soon(ish?)

Julie Cortens said...

Indeed a VERY romantic place. sigh....
and warm!
Everyone should visit with their sweetheart at least once.