Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monday's shots

Some photos of Monday...we are just hanging by the pool, walking the beach, gaining weight, getting fat and lazy.....it all ends soon. sigh!

Our pool routine starts with towels, suntan lotion, books and mags, the camera gear and a jug of guava/pineapple/coconut/orange juice with ice and lime poured into some pretty pool approved plastic glasses. ahhhhh
and pistachios.....you can NOT spend a few hrs at the pool without them!!

He is on his third novel. He would be on his fifth but the work laptop and conference calls are eating up reading time.......
So while he "works" I play with my camera. Our condo is the one on the rt. 13th floor in the middle. We see the sun rise off the back deck and the sun set off the lanai. And this week we see the full moon over the ocean every morning. Thankful.

I am missing my MAC. This Dell PC of my husbands is, well, VERY slow. I have had to fix it in safe mode 4 times - no virus but having to revert to previous settings. I get Internet Explorer "NOT RESPONDING" messages every time I change anything, open anything or scroll down when posting and spell check in Google is not working. But then again I am on holidays so what's my hurry?
Time for an overhaul.... or a Mac book. :)
Please ignore spelling mistakes.

We missed the game, but got updates via texts from home. Looking forward to Sunday's Grey Cup.

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