Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Or is that scary halloween.

I am not into this whole halloween thing. I love to get dressed up and fully enjoy watching the kids in costumes pretending to be something. But this scary and evil stuff.. well I am just not there. And I won't throw any scripture at you tonight but ....why celebrate evil - in any way shape or form.
"Be happy" is my motto.

My son on the other hand loves to dress up and Halloween just gives him the opportunity to do that. So far he has been to see his old buddies at Burger King as Captain James Cook - dread locks and all. He showed up at work today in the full Darth Vader gear - and I mean FULL gear - sound effects, light saber, heavy helmet thingy and all. He WAS Darth Vader. Sent away for both these costumes.

And for tonight he was something....well, very evil. And to add to the effect he bought a fog machine to give the outside of our house a very eerie atmosphere to match that full moon. As a result,  there were not very many very little ones at our door because he scared them all next door, stuttering and shaking crying "ddddid you see that thing with red eyes in the fffffog over there?" There were more than a few chuckling parents. And fortunately no upset ones. The very littlest ones, thankfully came well before my son set up shop.

Yes, my son loves to dress up and even the tough, in your face, 10 yr old boys were a little hesitant to come up the walk tonight - sending their younger sister in first to see if it was safe and the goodies were worth the risk.

So as much as I do not like Halloween and we have never "celebrated" it....

my son does.....

If you want a bag of potato chips at our house, you have to get past this.

One young man told my son "I know Karate you know!"

It took three tries to upload this photo - it just kept uploading blank..... do you think Blogger was feeling like those 10 yr olds?


Cheryl said...

He does look pretty scary all right!! Glad I didn't have to walk up your sidewalk tonight. I am really not into the scarey side of Halloween. I did however have a very cute little black kitty come to my door tonight to give me a hug and meow for me. She even did a pretty good job of saying trick or treat and showed me her pumpkin bucket with candy in it. She was soooo impressed with it!!

Julie Cortens said...

And you took pictures right?