Monday, 12 October 2009

One laughter filled Family

I had two photo shoots today. I was a tad worried about the weather, but you know it was fabulous and we had such a great time. 
This family had me bent over in laughter. They just oozed love and joy with one another and man was it infectious. My Sherpa was even in on the fun. And I have to say I sure appreciate him being there.  Everyone needs a Sherpa!!


One of my fav photos - they are both in the air!
And laughing away!

And no photo shoot is complete without the "leap" because it is just a whole lot of fun....
for those who can actually clear the ground.  I can't. But then I don't have to. I just have to LIE on the ground.

My thanks to the "B" family for allowing me to post these great shots of them today. I had a blast!

Next up - Gerri and Trent and their very romantic engagement photo shoot...... as soon as I have them ready....hopefully tomorrow. Oh this is one couple in love!

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