Saturday, 17 October 2009

Last days of fall

We had one last bike ride of the year early this morning and it was a beautiful morning for it. We bundled up and headed down to River Landing with our bikes.

I am actually in this photo - but I am taking it - can you find me?
Back to Rivers Landing, home with the bikes and he was off to do his accounting thing and I was off to master Adobe Lightroom. Well, not quite master but I did learn about a few new presets. I also managed to get all caught up on my photo shoots!
Enjoy the weather!


allisonwhitehawk said...

These are gorgeous photos! I love the 2nd one of the bridge. You should post the video of Tanis. I looked for it on facebook, but I couldn't find it. Did you delete it?

Cheryl said...

Those are gorgeous photos Julie! Oops, guess that was mentioned in the comment above! But, really they are. And as for you being the the photo, I imagine you are talking about the shadows that are being cast by the elusive yellow ball that is supposed to hang in the sky above us!

Julie Cortens said...

haha - right you are Cheryl - I am a tiny shadow waving.See? I get in some of the photos.

Allison - re that adorable video of Tanis - her father got wind of the facebook posting and vetoed the works!!
Too bad because I think as grandma I should have bragging rights on my own blog!
Maybe he will reconsider.