Monday, 2 November 2009

Designer Digitals

My husband went to work on Sunday afternoon - normally I would frown at the prospect of spending the day without him, but it meant I could get 6 loads of laundry done, sort through some messes on my computer and then get distracted with some ideas from  Designer Digitals - the most inspiring digital scrapbooking site EVER - seriously I have yet to find another digital scrapbooking site that even comes close to product and talent of such high caliber as Designer Digitals.
When you are ready to take the leap, head on over there.

The results of my distraction today are....

Took this photo of the Broadway St bridge about three weeks ago. I love it! So it needed to be scrapped - this page took 10 minutes using a 25 cent template that I just recoloured.  
This page cost 25 cents!! The silver Saskatoon letters were a freebie and it cost $2.50 to get printed at Costco - sweetheart is picking it up as I type. 

And then I went hog wild with the pink - just because I CAN!!

Aint she a beaut?
A real keeper I say!!
Nope! You can't have her!!
I miss her all ready!

If you care to see all my digital layouts, you can check out my gallery HERE
The "albums" have multiple layouts in them so go head and open them up.

Have a blessed day everyone and do take time to look at the incredible moon we have tonight!


Cheryl said...

Gogeous layouts, sometime I must try out this digital scrapbooking. I saw the moon and did you see the beautiful sunset? I accompanied my dh to Regina today on one of his business trips and we were on our way home and watched the beautiful colors in the west sky for quite awhile. You do have a beautiful gd. Just wait, they are soooooo much fun to watch grow and learn.

Julie Cortens said...

Missed the sunset! I am going to try for a sunrise photo this am and hopefully get the moon as well. It was incredible on the way to work yesterday morning- but I didn't have my camera. I think I will quit work and just go with my husband on trips - even short ones. Sounds wonderful!