Saturday, 7 November 2009

I was checking out some links on Wilna's scrapbook site and came across this...

Wow - I could use a space like that - something to run a photography business out of AND scrapbook. A place to learn, study, discover and create - very inspiring. AND very organized! I think I would have to quit work it I had this at home to inspire me every day.

But back to reality - I swivle around in my second hand apolstery torn chair and see this....

and this...

hardly inspiring......
SIGH....I have been SOOOO incredibly busy I have only had time to sleep and throw in laundry for work clothes. So THIS mess has been on my list for AGES. I can barely get to my computer.

It was rather depressing to look at. I could have just given up but I knew I could not be productive in this once creative space as long as it looked like this. Sooooo I stole a book shelf from the living room and I got to work - took me 6 hrs of organizing today. The gang is watching the riders game... I am getting stuff done in here...paying bills. :)

But at this moment it now looks like this.... see the floor?

and this... see the desk?

and I feel sooo much better.
I found the utility bill too  - yeah! and so now I will work through the pile of bills/receipts and other important stuff on my desk I HAVE to get through.

And I will deal with the pile of books and albums on the living room floor next week... maybe... if I have time. And the leaves in the backyard will have to wait until spring.

Tomorrow, if I have time, I will start into the pile of projects begining with Allison's wedding album. Now that I found all the wedding rub-ons and bling I can get moving on it. I have to edit and print off photos of our new grandchild for DH for his office ....that he has been asking for for weeks and I also nd to get a handle on organizing the 2003 photos (about 100 of them) because I am still playing catch up on the family albums....and getting ready for Mark's arrival home for his holidays.So looking forward to seeing him.

But at least I have a place to do all this and I now know where everything is. Feels good!

Hope you had a productive day today - something about the sun and warm weather is invigorating. Or maybe I am just getting ready for winter.

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