Sunday, 2 October 2011


Great flight.
Watched Midnight in Paris - kinda boring. Silly plot - or was there one?
Wondered the streets and maneuvered the crowds of TO
Short night - the Yonge St. Nuit Blanche raged outside our hotel all night. 
Conference starts at 8 am. I speak at 3:30pm - could be a long day. :)
So wishing this was a photography conference and not health care conference. :)

 This would be a very cool photo in HDR - must play with it in PS5 when I get home.
 Why I love my 16-35  2.8


Allie said...

It makes me nervous just looking at these pictures. Which is why I live in a town of 10 000 people. :)

Hope the conference goes OK today!

Kristen w said...

I thought Ontario in general was very cool. I did a wedding out there on sept 24. Love all their brick houses and lovely barns. City was ok too but I liked Niagara better.

Julie Cortens said...

I agree Allie - it is small town for me. I am not really impressed by all the buildings - well impressed I guess but it is all so big and well I couldn't live here but a lot of people love Toronto.
Kristen - I love the old building too but they are overpowered by the new. We are looking forward to seeing (and photographing ) Niagara.

Diane.Dazzle said...

Crystal Clear Pictures and well aligned. Might be if you can permit me, I might use them as a desktop background.
Wonderful Pictures