Saturday, 15 October 2011

CP Roundhouse

The old CP Roundhouse and other 100+ year old buildings on the Sutherland site were recently torn down. I was able to catch a few photos of 100 yr old pipes, machinery, glass, even an 100 yr old elevator. Some of the walls were 4-6 layers of brick thick - I suppose for warmth. But my, that is labor intensive. I thought about the men working this yard 100 years ago, eking out an existence for their families who might have lived in a tiny house on Grey or Central Avenue. I am sure it was a very dangerous job in those days.  Personally, I am not sure I would travel on an elevator that depended on a thick rope to pull you up (and down). But they did - for a lot of years. 
If only the walls could talk. 
Stay tuned. I have a wedding today! Yeah it is not raining and there are still some fall leaves.


Cheryl said...

Love your photos Julie! You take such intriguing shots of things!

Laurie said...

I'm loving the abstract stuff these days. You did a fine job here.