Monday, 10 October 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Family

Well we have returned from taking photos of Niagara and back to taking photos of families. And wasn't this little 5 yr old a whole lot of fun.
His expressions were priceless!
 Here he is showing me what Mom and Dad are doing. 
I just cracked up ~ honestly he was so entertaining.

 Caught him still here for a nanosecond. :)

 Chased him all over the climbing structure for this shot.

And there are a whole lot more being uploaded to the web site as I type. Private Gallery is HERE. Sorry password protected but easy to guess for family and friends.

Stay tuned. I did an engagement shoot this morning and will hopefully be able to show you a few by tomorrow night. :)


Michelle said...

Great photos Julie! Funny thing, I know this family! His sister and I were best friends in highschool! Small world, isn't it?

Julie Cortens said...

Indeed it is a small world and getting smaller. :) She is a fellow scrap booker - and that is a vibrant community in Saskatoon.