Saturday, 5 December 2009

todays photo for my 365 blog. Still on the B&W theme.

The tree is up thanks to my lovely daughter - husband put it up, daughter decorated, I sat on the couch and directed..."to the left, to the right, okay now the left..."
It looks gorgeous - I will post my limey green photos of it soon.
Wish I could do more but since no one can find the rest ofthe Christmas decorations downstairs, the house will be a tad less decorated this year.
Maybe in a week or two I will go hunting. Asking DH to find the Christmas decorations is a much larger task than asking him to find the lime in the middle drawer of the fridge. But I am not complaining - he found the tree. There were two big light-less gaps - one of those teeny weeny little things is out and the whole line is down - what electrical person designed these!!! Thirty minutes of replacing teeny weeny bulbs and he said forget it and headed off to Walmart.Threw on a new string of lights over the old - worked!

Now check out this very funny clip.

Home of the Twisted Films of PES

I bet you spend more than 15 minutes at this site. 
..... except for one that kind of was on the edgy rooftop side - not worth the watch.

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