Thursday, 3 December 2009


Melina did such wonderful photography at Allison and Sammy's wedding - it makes getting a album together so much easier.
I like this page - the photos really says it all. So simple, so gorgeous.


and another ... 
I wonder what he is saying???

a two page spread. Love this new paper "Mr and Mrs Words" from TPC Studio. It is a glittery, blingy page but the scan doesn't pick that up

Three more pages to go - THREE - can I believe it???? No! It will be a 52 page album. I have also done all their photos in a coffee table book - which I do hope arrives in time for Christmas.

Feeling a tad better today and I am going to attempt a walk around the block. And I might even fold laundry today... because while I appreciate the time I get to SIT at my computer and scrapbook all day, I am BORED!!
This afternoon - the plan is to work through some tutorials on using shadows in digital scrapbooking - :) (big smile)... and work through another chapter in my Lightroom workbook.

I have yet to take up TV on this six week hiatus.


allisonwhitehawk said...

I'm loving all these pages, but my absolute favorite is definitely the first one! See you tomorrow to decorate :)

Cheryl said...

You have been busy at your scrapbook table, haven't you? I just can't seem to get there right at the moment, too much time spent there lately I guess. I am still having problems with my foot and ankle but it's getting alittle better now and I can walk more on it so I have been doing things that were put off all summer. Your layouts are gorgeous, what a talented lady you are. You are doing well with the photography as well. I am enjoying seeing your shots on your 365 blog! Keep up the good work!

Julie Cortens said...

I love that first one too Allison and the bonus is it took all of 20 minutes to do. The photo says it all.
Cheryl - it is amazing what one can accomplish when sentenced to four weeks of sitting and lifting nothing heavier then easy runner adhesive. However I am bored. Thankful though, for opportunity to pursue the things I love if even for a few weeks.