Saturday, 25 April 2009


MMMMM isn't that a lovely photo? It goes with the chocolate in my last post. 

I am dumping photos off my camera card this morning and just wanted to share this lovely one with you. Since I am running out the door 5 min ago, I will post further on the new roasting machine at Intermission Coffee House on central. 

I am dumping because I need a full 2 GB for the day. yes the convention at JSI is on and and the theme is Hollywood glamour!! The bling is out and we have turned on the class. 
So stay tuned because I will be taking a ton of photos and catching the "stars" as they work. 
I will post tonight...... because posting is such a breeze with my super dooper fast MAC!! ....and I know you want in on all the Hollywood glam stuff!!

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