Saturday, 25 April 2009

JSI spring Fling!

Hollywood glamour.... another fun day. 
Here are the pics. 
Sorry no pics of the big prize winners because I was on opening shift today which means that when I left, the party was still in full swing and the gals were enjoying all the wonderful hor d'oerves. 

Here ya go!

Okay - we did more than just eat....

Tim Holtz stamp'n
Make and takes
Contests and lots of fun!

...and glamour!!!

And even I was there wearing my new cool sunglasses.
 Thanks to April for this shot. 


Kate said...

Great pics as always Julie! Looks like I missed a great time.

April D said...

was a super great always! Thanks to all of you for making it that way every single time.

createalways said...

Wheres a picture of the golden B??

Great photos Julie!!

Julie Cortens said...

Haha! I didn't stay late enough for the missed those pics. I did get a glimpse of them earlier in the day though. Very funny, and very GOLD!!