Monday, 13 April 2009

MIA, Computer woes, painting and Fed Ex.

I have been MIA - because my lemon of a computer is just giving up the ghost. It has been a lemon since I purchased it three years plus ago. But just got slower and s l o w e r and s l o w e r and I could stand it no more!!!

My son has revamped it three times and it works just fine for two weeks and then goes back to molasses mode.

It is painful. Painfully s l o w.....

AVG takes over seven hours to complete for just one example of what slow mode is. ..... This is down right painful for a type A like me.

I mean, how long can a person wait for her blog to open let alone post to it!!! I have over 200 posts in my Google Reader I have not read yet. I am totally disconnected from the world and it is....well it is actually allowing me to get a few things done around here. argue on the phone with fed Ex..

The Fed Ex Story.

This will be one short lived account with this company.
While in Victoria last week my sweetheart thought we should look at Mac Computers (isn't this guy just a gem!!! - and he is all mine!!!)
Victoria has about 15 Mac stores. Saskatoon has one! Yes ONE!!! I see a business opportunity here in this growing metropolis!!
With computer expert son Paul along, DH and I visited the biggest Mac store there called SOHO and they had a VERY good salesman - Greg.
Greg was Soooo good that he had my PC accountant type husband and my totally PC Linux son sold on an Apple computer in about 35 minutes. I just stood there with my mouth open.
It took my son and husband about 5 min to convince me that yes I should buy this fantabulous loaded Mac and ship it to Saskatoon. Aint she a beaut!!!

Um, like was this really happening???
Enter FedEx woes. They messed up on the pick up - adamantly refused to admit it and so my computer is supposed to arrive today, Monday - and I have to be at work by 11:30 so it had better be here by then.
I am paying big bucks for a two day delivery - It was supposed to be picked up last Tuesday for delivery LAST Thursday!! But they picked it up on Wednesday and what with Easter weekend that two day delivery charge means it arrives Monday - today.
Suffice it to say I am fed Up with Fed Ex - unless my complaint is appropriately dealt with. But seriously - what does Fed Ex care about little ol me. Some day however, I may be rich and famous and shipping tons of framed photos around the world - then they will be sorry!!!
I have some really cool photos from our Victoria visit - however until I am up and running on my Mac, they will stay on my compact flash.
This is a huge transition for me....... like I will now need Photoshop for Mac. Working on that now.

So san computer I have been painting walls and ceilings instead.

Yup - the almost newlyweds have taken our old queen waterbed for their new 400 sq ft aprt (without a dishwasher) (insert chuckling from the parents here)

And the parents now have a new very cushy KING bed. And man is it a big bed! WOW ...hello??? are you there dear????

But first I needed to paint the bedroom - including the ceiling - NEVER again will I paint a ceiling with thick gooey white oil paint. Although this may mean I get a new floor in the bedroom since getting oil paint out of carpet requires a whole lot of elbow grease and mineral spirits.
Next time, however, I will hire the pros. But it is done and those white spots on the carpet are...well there, but probably only I will notice them.

The new wall colour (Elk) is spectacular - thanks to the fantastic advice from Debbie and the Benjamin Moore store!!! We both love it!

Yeah!!! We bought and installed new blinds and white sheers from Home Depot - steal of a deal especially after getting a quote from a drapery place. Um like are you kidding??? We are talking one window here, not the whole house!

Friday night after two frantic days of painting my love of 30 years and I installed the window dressings ourselves....yes there were some testy moments - all my fault - but I am blaming it on the type A and blogging withdrawal not to mention an hours worth of "discussion" with very stubborn Fed Ex "people" the day before. Oh and five nights on the hide-a-bed which can push anyone over the limit!!

We reconciled quickly!! DH and I that is. I mean - really the King bed was arriving Saturday morning!!!

Add two new lamps, and a spectacular teeny chandelier still to arrive and be installed by future son-in-law soon to be electrician (my daughter chose wisely). I can't wait to post a photo of the chandelier. Our room looks soooo romantic!!

I will post the before and aft pics as soon as it is all done.

And now I am going to attempt to upload this to the blog.....It may still be uploading when I get home from work but I will try anyways.

Have a blessed day everyone.


Cheryl said...

I hope you get your complaint dealt with also. I am not a complainer by nature but bad service in an industry that is mainly service oriented makes me crazy!! Good luck with your new computer, I am amazed that your PC men converted that quickly, wonder what Greg said to them. My DH is very PC minded. I am looking forward to seeing your pics.

Anonymous said...

aww thanks mom (about the choosing wisely part) haha. love you


Dario (f3 Studio) said...

if you dont mind me asking... what is your other job other than a photographer?

Julie Cortens said...

Hi Dario - I work with our Health region helping families keep their very ill loved ones at home as long as possible. Full Time - kind of interferes with the photography but is very rewarding.