Saturday, 29 March 2014

Phoenix 2014

Blitzing here to get this coffee table book done and off to print.
It takes a LOT of hours and is a labour of love but it is THE best way to archive the memories. One day my grandchildren will say "Boy I am so glad Grandma made these books.... I remember this!!"  "We had so much fun on that trip"
I have been editing photos over the past few weeks but with a couple of days off the day job this week I finalized the best, tweeked them to perfection and uploaded them. All 241 of them.
Then I started designing my book which I love to do. it distracts me from the guilt of not going to the gym on my day off. :)
I am happy with the results and will send it off to print today along with several other books waiting in the queue.

Our one week trip to Phoenix - the zoo, the museum, a ton of pool time and connecting with friends . It's all there. Just click on the book to turn the pages.

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