Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mini Albums

Got photos crammed into your wallet?
Or maybe somewhere in the abyss of your purse?
Gransparents nagging about updated photos for bragging?

I have something for you!

Mini albums and teeny mini albums.

I love these  mini albums and have made several for the great grandparents, a few for myself and many for my clients. They fit anywhere, are so cute and even cuter when you open them up and show off your precious ones.

They are a soft leatherette with great solid binding and secure magnetic closure

The larger one is 2 1/4 "X 3 "and is my preferred size. This is the one Grandma's love!
The the teeny one is so darn cute - it is 1 1/4 X 1 1/2 the size is ridiculously small and always brings a chuckle yet the photos are still clear! it comes with a strap which is perfect for a key chain - what a great gift for Grandpa!

They fit from 8-15 photos depending on the configuration - single or double spreads. 

And they won't break the bank!

So book your spring family shoot and see Grandma and Grandpa smile!

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